5 Tips For Better English Writing

1. Keep A Notebook Handy

Your thoughts and ideas do not occur or come to you according to a fixed schedule. In fact, some of your best thoughts and ideas may occur at weird times and the most unlikely places. It does not matter when or where such flashes occur. What matters is that you must be able to capture them quickly and easily. One way of doing this is to always have a notebook with you so that you can record your thoughts and ideas for use later.

2. Take A Break

In fact, take as many breaks as you want but do not take too long to get back to your writing. Short breaks are excellent for better English writing. During your breaks, do something different. Switch from a mental to a physical mode. Take a walk in the park. Play with your children.  Try to take at least a day off in a week doing something else that you enjoy.

3. Set-Up A Comfortable Writing Place.

Select a place where you can write without being distracted. Get your mind to recognise it as the place where you write. You go into your bedroom to sleep, your dining room to have your meals. Get your mind to do the same with the place you set-up for writing. Make the place conducive for writing.  Do you have the writing resources such as reference and writing materials readily available? Set-up the place to suit your personal preferences and style.

4. Create The Right Mood.

What does it take to put you in the mood for better English writing? What fires you up and gets the creative juices flowing? It could be your favourite music, beverage, colour or anything else that works for you. However, bear in mind that there will be times when you just have to sit down and start writing. Do not wait for all the traffic lights to go green before you start off to work.

5. Break The Monotony

For better English writing, try something new and different. Visit a new place. Start a new hobby. Sign up for yoga or meditation classes. Re-charge to re-start. Take a vacation. It need not be expensive. Volunteer for charitable work. Feed the birds.

In addition to the above, better English writing needs you to proofread and check your written work. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and many more elements of good writing need to be carefully reviewed and amended where necessary. How can you do this easily and effectively? Find out how even those who are good at better English writing are doing it.

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