English Grammar – 6 Tips For ESL Learners

1. Find an English Speaking Pen Pal
Having a person to interact with can make a huge difference in the pace of your grammar acquisition. Your pen pal will introduce you to a conversational English that you may not get from books and lessons. Keep the conversations more about your life and less about your grammar questions. After awhile, you will have a friend to visit when you travel, and so will your pen pal!

2. Ask Questions
While you shouldn’t bombard your pen pal with questions, you still need to ask questions! So, where do you do that? Use Internet forums. Many of these forums are just brimming with friendly people who would love to answer your question and give you advice.

3. Read Fiction
Start reading English fiction at whatever level you can understand. Reading will help you to learn grammar inductively, and reading fiction will pull you along with a story that will keep your studies interesting.

4. Study Your Native Language’s Grammar
Knowing this will make it easier to understand English grammar. Although there will inevitably be differences between your first language and English, having an understanding of how grammar works in any language will make a huge difference. It will be easier to become familiar with grammatical concepts in your native language and transfer them to English rather than being bombarded with everything unfamiliar at once.

5. Learn Sentence Diagramming
After you have a fairly good grasp on English vocabulary, learning sentence diagramming can be a great way for you to learn English grammar. Sentence diagrams show the relationships between words by using a visual diagram. This makes it easier to learn and retain grammatical concepts.

6. Join an English Internet Community
When working toward any goal, it’s always good to have the support of other like-minded people. Joining an ESL Internet community gives you the ability to be connected to thousands of other English learners at once. From them, you can get help with issues you are facing, support and encouragement, and you can offer the same to other people!

Article Source: https://bit.ly/2Fe4tb5

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