Magnum Opus Academy had its embryonic beginning in the year 2013 with the sole aim of establishing itself as a Premier Softskills Training and Service Provider. Having years of expertise in Empowerment Programs, ‘Empowering You’ was pitched as one of the life-transforming Programs designed by Magnum Opus Academy, especially for the fresher and senior students entering the Corporate arena, enabling them with all the skillsets required to survive and sustain the stiff competitive world and bringing a name to their Alma-mater.

The aim is to enable Continuous and Obsessed learning wherein upgradation of learning becomes auto-piloted and goes subconscious. The newfound increase in power of conscious mind and lateral thinking renders unfailing adaptability and maximizes the utility of available resources.

The efficacy of our training programs generally is mapped by latent-feel-good-factor at the end of the program wherein our learners walk out with an unparalleled increase in their confidence, which by no means goes unnoticed. Tools like Goal-Setting, Personal Effectiveness, and Language skills not only alter one’s life but also lives of the posterities to come.

Hence, eventually, we at Magnum Opus continuously focus to equip Leading and Premier Educational Institutes and Corporate houses with our Top-Notch Training Programs as an enablement tool to be corporately combative and be stay ahead in competition by being effortlessly rest-assured.